The Architect of Imagination Shares Her Views On Modest Fashion

The Architect of Imagination Shares Her Views On Modest Fashion


The second edition of DMFW (Dubaï Modest Fashion Week) gathered modest fashion enthusiasts from all over the world for a unique experience that took place in the prestigious Emerald Palace Kempinski. This three-days-event allowed an array of international emerging fashion designers to display their collections celebrating modest fashion. took this opportunity to interview Boutallion CEO, Sunaina Kuldipsingh to learn more about the Boutallion brand and latest collection.

Could You Tell Us More About Your Brand?

The name Boutallion comes from a combination of initials from the names of people who are very close to my heart and who grew me into the person that I am today.

Boutallion is a fashion house that fills the need of fashion lovers all over the world who have eye for luxurious fabrics and details. We target confident ladies who want to express themselves in a strong way.

The idea/purpose is to leave a statement and to reflect the strong personality that you are through the clothes you wear. People say first impressions are everything, by wearing Boutallion you can reflect who you are and what your values are directly into the environment/world we live in.

Ladies in Boutallion don’t need to introduce their personality, by what they wear people can tell from the other side of the room what kind of lady they are and what they love.

The idea of targeting the modest fashion industry lies in the fact that there aren’t a lot of high-end Italian manufactured brands that design total looks for modest ladies.

Nowadays we are able to find tunics/tops with volume from high-end brands, but to find pants that perfectly suit the idea of being covered we often run to Zara to combine with the top in order to have a total look. I wanted to create a collection where you can mix and match within the collection and find yourself an outfit according to your preference.

Aside to making beautiful garments Boutallion wants to encourage ladies around the world to become a better version of themselves and inspire them in their daily activities and endeavors.


What Was The Inspiration Behind The Collection You Presented For DMFW?

The inspiration for the ‘Garden to Paradise’ collection was all about (spiritual) growth. It reflects my life path from my childhood until the 28-year-old lady that I am. Life and starting a business (in fashion) brings a lot of challenges but it brought me a lot of joy and light.

It made me discover new cultures and religions and it made me discover a whole new version of my being. It made me grow in every facet of life. All the changes and difficulties I had to encounter to become where I am today are transferred into the designs and the choices of fabrics.

For that reason, we have a variety of heavy looking fabrics till light flow charmeuse silks and the color pallet that was used goes from black till colorful summer florals.

I chose floral designs to refer to all the beautiful souls I’ve met along the way of my journey and in our masterpiece I referred to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in. Abu Dhabi. That particular mosque was always high on my bucket list and through this journey I found my way to understand the beauty of Islam and the Arab culture.


What Is Your Definition Of Modest Fashion?

Modest fashion to me is a way of expressing yourself in an elegant way. . . Modesty doesn’t have a clear definition, it is often attached to the Islamic religion. To me, modesty has nothing to do with religion or culture it’s just a way of presenting yourself in a way that satisfies your personal preference.

Modesty means not revealing a lot of skin, but it doesn’t mean you cannot reveal your personality.  I believe everyone can look modest and at some point, we all need something ‘modest’ in our closet for a business meeting or an event.

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