High End Luxury Fashion That Goes Beyond Imagination

Established in 2015, Boutallion is a high-end luxury fashion house that introduce a new era of fashion by combining western expertise in craftsmanship with the timeless elegance of the Middle East.

From elegant ready-to-wear collections to magnificent couture evening wear, we are the gateway to a world of avant-garde designs that are born out of shared experiences and charming journeys.

We lead the way with our glamorous modest styling, our impeccable detailing and our limitless philosophical thinking. Our designs not only go beyond every figment of imagination but also embellish the fabric of our society.

Boutallion aims to be the finest brand that creates luxury fashion for women of different ages with extraordinary collections. We curate and hand-pick only the finest materials to create our couture. 

Today, Boutallion celebrates the diversity of our nature and writes a new chapter of neoclassical couture. As architects of imagination, our creations stem from luxury and originality and inspire the community with our art and cultural connections.

We believe in creating exceptional works of fashion by hand-picking the finest fabrics and exotic leathers to create our couture, to reflect the eloquence and beauty of the inner self.

Our team of skilled craftsmen assembles the unusual and authentic to design couture that echoes inner passions, perfected to the last detail. Conscious about the materials we source, we follow strict ethical policies in the sustainable sourcing of rare materials.

Every piece in our collection certifies the origins and the precise validity of our materials as a promise to our unfaltering commitment to the environment.

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